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Virtual Variety Pack

Try all three flavors! Enjoy  a 4-pack each of Juicy Pear, Raspberry & Lemon, and Strawberry & Hibiscus and experience the probiotic boost of HUZZAH. Plus, every sip is infused with real good-for-you ingredients like organic green tea and organic fermented black tea extract. Give each flavor a sip and let us know which one is your favorite!
Comes in
12 fl. oz. per

only the good stuff

Juicy Pear is a probiotic pick-me-up with a crisp yet light pear flavor that’s perfect for any occasion. 

Raspberry & Lemon packs a delicious flavor combo of sweet raspberries & citrusy lemon and contains 0g of sugar.

Strawberry & Hibiscus pairs flavors of botanicals and strawberry with feel-good fizz for a refreshing beverage.


The live probiotic culture Bacillus Coagulans (1 billion CFU’s at time of manufacture) and less than 0.5% alcohol due to natural fermentation.

$29.97 $26.97

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what the people are saying

“Perfect drink for this LA heat ☀
This raspberry & lemon HUZZAH
seltzer tastes like tart fizzy lemonade
and we’re soooo here for it!”


“I always feel better after making myself some
snacks, having a fun drink (AND one with
probiotics for a healthy gut? yes plz) & getting
myself outside! Sometimes you need time to
just simply ~ exist ~ ✨”